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Christchurch Stop Co-Governance Street September 16th 2023 (part 5)

I watched this YouTube video of a protest against co-governance in Christchurch and I was appalled by its lack of substance and decency. Here are my thoughts on the video and why it is wrong and harmful for New Zealand.The video shows a group of people holding banners and signs that oppose the co-governance arrangements between the government and iwi in New Zealand. The video is titled “Christchurch Stop Co-Governance Street September 16th 2023 (part 5)” and has 66 likes and 724 views as of ...

September 18, 2023

Welcome to 2021

Welcome to 2021, and I hope that you are able to achieve everything that you set you mind, heart and spirit on this year!This is the first post on my newly revised website that I have hosted here in Aotearoa, New Zealand with the home grown RocketSpark crew based in Kirikiriroa, Hamilton.  Here you will find advice, tips and updates that I'd like to share with you on the creative process of photography, videography and digital media in general and how you can use them to make a genuine conn...

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